How to Sell, Value, or Trade Your Vehicle

February 10th, 2022 by

Everybody knows that selling your car on your own can be a hassle. Getting the word out, answering phone inquiries, listing it online, and meeting up for test drives can really become a lot. Not to mention making sure your vehicle has been inspected, properly maintained, and running smoothly through the entirety of the selling process.

When you trade-in or sell your vehicle at a dealership, you can forget the hassles of a private sale and immediately reap the benefits. Many people choose to sell or trade-in their used vehicles at dealerships because of the zero-hassle and speedy process, reduced amount in financing, major money saver on taxes, and instant cash offer. At Lynch Family of Dealerships, it only takes 3 steps: get your offer, trade-in or sell, and get paid. It’s that easy!

1. Get Your Offer

When you are ready for your vehicle evaluation, head to Value Your Trade, linked through Kelly Blue Book on all Lynch Family of Dealerships websites. By simply providing your VIN, license plate, or make/model and a few details, you’ll have an estimate in less than 5 minutes.

2. Trade-In or Sell

After you have completed your online vehicle evaluation, head to any of our 7 Lynch Family of Dealerships locations for a quick inspection. This will take a few minutes but is crucial to ensure safety and quality of your trade or sale. This inspection includes a brief walk around, test drive, and internal functions inspection.

3. Get Paid

Lastly, the step every seller longs for… getting paid! After receiving your instant cash offer, you can walk off the lot with a check in your hand, even on the same day of your appraisal! At Lynch, with any vehicle sale or trade, we ensure you’ll receive the value you came with, whether that is through a check from a sale, credit towards a trade, or a different vehicle!

Selling or Trading at Lynch

The day will come when you’re ready to sell your beloved vehicle, and that’s why at Lynch Family of Dealerships, we keep it simple by using Kelly Blue Book for all online trade evaluations. This means that once your car is valued, just stop into one of our 7 convenient locations and we’ll take care of the rest. With over 30 car appraisals every day at a single location, it’s safe to say our specialists have mastered this process!


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